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Using “But” in Our Prayers

“God, _____ , BUT _____ .” Do you find yourself using the word “but” in your prayers? At least I do. And if you do as well, you’re in good company. 😉

This morning, while praying, I asked for grace, but for a specific type of grace. Immediately after, I felt a nudge in my heart, and I stood corrected. I changed it to, “Forgive me, God, instead of BUT I ask You for Your will to be done.”

My prayer was, “God, give me grace, BUT …”

Who am I to ask God to give me something, but in a way that would please or benefit me and not Him? Who am I? A servant of God who asks Him to do His will in my life and allow me to use the spiritual gifts He gave me to advance His Kingdom. But then I ask Him to do it my way instead of His’? Unbelievable, Dee. 😕

Nevertheless, in situations like those and in moments of poor prayers like the one I prayed for, the extraordinary Holy Spirit activates in us and reminds us what we should pray for. Are we listening so we can stand corrected immediately after? I was. I hope you are too.

I love what Jesus said in John 14:26, “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have told you.”

Let me go into nerd mode for a moment. 🤓 I love how some translations use the word advocate. Do you know what it means? I am glad you asked. The Greek word is paraklētos, and per the Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, it means, in the broadest sense, a helper, succourer, aider, or assistant. 

This is what the Holy Spirit did for me in that prayer and continuously does for us, the believers:

  • He brought to my attention the portion of the Lord’s prayer—the model prayer He taught to His disciples—that reads, “Your will be done.” I must always pray for His will to be done. Not mine. 
  • As our advocate, He leads us to a more profound knowledge of the gospel truth and gives us the divine strength to do the work He has called us to do on behalf of His Kingdom.

If He opened a door, He will provide the divine strength. The only thing I need to do is to deeper my relationship with Him and remain in communion with Him. Then, He will do as He pleases. For His glory and His glory only. I am His hands and feet on the earth.

The same applies to you. Let us remember, we have been DEPLOYED!

Remain steadfast in the faith my friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. The work may be frustrating, tiring, and sometimes disappointing, but OH, the rewards are ETERNAL! Good needs us! Let’s get our armor straight and keep moving! God goes before US!!!

Who says “yes”?

Why Did I Do That Again?

•••Español más adelante•••

Have you ever beaten yourself on the head for stuff you wish you had done differently or not at all? I bet you have if you’re a human. Whether it’s in your marriage, in parenting, as a son/daughter, you can rest in this Word: God is GOOD and FORGIVING, ABOUNDING in STEADFAST LOVE, to whom??????? TO ALL WHO CALL UPON HIM!

No, I’m not yelling at you. I’m just adding emphasis to the most critical parts of the verse, so your brain can grasp it more effectively.

God’s goodness is ABUNDANT, which He has STORED UP; for whom???????? For those who FEAR Him. His goodness He has worked, for whom????? For those who TAKE REFUGE in Him. (Psalm 31:19, ESV)

Do you love Him? Do you fear Him? Do you take refuge in Him? Is He the Lord of your life? Well, you’re 100% guaranteed that He will work everything for good. If you haven’t, bring the stuff you’ve done wrong BOLDLY upon His throne of grace so you may obtain mercy. And He, in His abundant, plentiful, enduring, and satisfying goodness, will restore everything you’ve lost. It doesn’t matter which type of relationship you have lost anything, but HE WILL RESTORE IT, for what????? For His glory!!! It’s not because of who we are, but because of WHO HE IS!! He’s GOOD!!! He’s KIND!!! And He wants us to live life, but to live it ABUNDANTLY!!!

No more beating yourself on the head. Go to Him; He’s GOT YOU!!! ❤️


¿Alguna vez te has golpeado en la cabeza por cosas que desearías haber hecho diferente, o peor aún, que no debiste hacer? Apuesto a que sí, si en realidad eres un humano. Ya sea en tu matrimonio, en la crianza de los hijos, como hijo / hija. Pero puedes descansar en esta Palabra: Dios es BUENO y PERDONADOR, ABUNDANTE en MISERICORDIA, ¿Para quién ??????? ¡PARA CON TODOS LOS QUE LE INVOCAN!

No, no te estoy gritando. Solo estoy agregando énfasis a las partes más importantes del verso bíblico, para que tu cerebro pueda comprenderlo de manera más efectiva.

La bondad de Dios es ABUNDANTE, que ha GUARDADO, ¿Para quién???????? Para los que le TEMEN. Su bondad ha OBRADO, ¿Para quién????? Para los que en Él SE REFUGIAN. (Salmo 31:19, NVI)

¿Lo amas? ¿Eres temeroso? ¿Te refugias en Él? ¿Es Él el Señor de tu vida? Si has contestado afirmativamente, entonces estás 100% garantizado de que Él trabajará todo para bien, a tu favor.

Mas si no lo has hecho, simplemente trae las cosas que has hecho mal, audazmente, ante Su trono de gracia para que puedas obtener misericordia. Y Él, en Su bondad abundante, grande, infinita, duradera y satisfactoria, restaurará todo lo que has perdido. No importa en qué tipo de relación hayas perdido algo, pero EL RESTAURARÁ, ¿Para qué????? Para su gloria !!! ¡No es por lo que somos, sino por QUIÉN ES ÉL! ¡¡¡Él es bueno!!! Él es amable! ¡Y Él quiere que vivamos la vida, pero que la vivamos ABUNDANTEMENTE!

No más golpes en la cabeza. El enemigo quiere que estés ocupado en tus pensamientos de derrota. Pues no, no le des el gusto. Acércate a Dios, ÉL ESTÁ AHÍ PARA TI! ❤️

I Am Growing

If what happened 2 days ago had actually happened 2 years ago, I would have given that person a piece of my mind on behalf of my child. Mama Bear (moi) can be intense! Imagine a bear attacking a human; yes, that would be Dee without Christ in her. Imagine a mama bear defending her cubs; yep, that would be me! But now I do it on my knees. In front of the throne of grace.

People can do some stuff to my 2 boys -some-. The enemy can try. But let me tell you something, and I hope you are the same way or would be the same way if you had children or when you have children. I do not fight the battles of my 2 sons arguing with people. I do not rescue them from their personal and emotional battles, although sometimes I wish I could rescue them, especially from heartbreak and stupid mistakes. I am not a helicopter mom only because I read a book about the consequences of being that type of mom when they were very little. So God protected me from being one.

Nonetheless, I fight my children’s battles. How? Thank you for asking. On my knees, in prayer! One –of many– prayer that I have taped on my bathroom shower door is the prayer Paul prayed for the Colossian Christians in Colossians 1:9-11. I pray:

  • That Gabriel and Japheth may be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding.
  • That Gabriel and Japheth walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him: bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.
  • That Gabriel and Japheth are strengthened with all power, according to God’s glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy.

God’s got them! God’s mighty hand is on them! The Holy Spirit dwells in them! God is growing them through their mistakes -for an enneagram 1 to say that it is a big step, especially since I wanted them to be perfect-! But I learned that there’s beauty in imperfection. And going back to the One who matters, God is transforming them into His likeness.

Therefore, I do not have to worry about what people say about them or to them. Well, I do worry. About what? Again, thank you for asking. I worry about how I am praying and if they are the proper prayers. I stop myself and ask, “Am I praying strategically?”, “Did I lose focus in the prayers I am praying for them?”, “Mmmmm…, do I have to go back to what Scripture says in 1 Thes. 5:17–19?” I ask myself questions like that -and many more- and adjust my prayer sails if necessary.

When we pray to our Heavenly Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, He moves on our behalf! Never, ever, stop praying for your children! Never give up! And PLEASE, do not be one of those parents who say, “God knows what they need; therefore, I do not have to be praying for them without ceasing.” Gosh, what a DUMB comment or way of thinking. To those parents, I am screaming in their ears: 🔊PRAY FOR YOUR CHILDREN!!!! That gives me righteous anger, FOR REAL! The enemy does not sleep, people! The enemy needs to know that you WILL NOT back down when it comes to your children! Moms and dads, I am talking to you; put on the armor of God and PRAY and intercede for your children!

When you are 80-90 years old, sitting in a rocking chair on your front porch, looking at your great-grandchildren playing in your front yard, you will look back and be GLAD that you prayed for your children.