Include people in your conversations. People who you wouldn’t normally include.Include people in your walk with Christ.Include people in your dreams.Include people in your life mission.Expand your circle. If it’s hard for you, pray for a compassionate heart. It will change your life as it has changed mine. I know I have a compassionate heart […]

Using “But” in Our Prayers

“God, _____ , BUT _____ .” Do you find yourself using the word “but” in your prayers? At least I do. And if you do as well, you’re in good company. 😉 This morning, while praying, I asked for grace, but for a specific type of grace. Immediately after, I felt a nudge in my […]

Living His Dreams For Your Life

Perseverance? I got it. I knock on the next one when one door closes, like an obnoxious child. But sometimes, God knows that in order to take you away from a personal dream, He has to close every door relating to that dream. Yes, that is precisely what happened with my dream of becoming a […]

Why Did I Do That Again?

•••Español más adelante••• Have you ever beaten yourself on the head for stuff you wish you had done differently or not at all? I bet you have if you’re a human. Whether it’s in your marriage, in parenting, as a son/daughter, you can rest in this Word: God is GOOD and FORGIVING, ABOUNDING in STEADFAST […]


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Hi, I’m Dee. A wife, Mom, daughter, child of God. I currently work in ministry as Connections Director. I was offered a job as a Bilingual Chaplain and am waiting on the background check to be complete. I love God and people!

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