About Me/Sobre Mí

Jesus & Coffee

Who am I? Well, my name is Damaris, but since my name is hard to pronounce in English for most people, I ask them to just call me Dee. Especially when I give my name to the Starbucks baristas. I was born in Puerto Rico but left the island in 2002 when my husband joined the Army. We’ve lived in Hunstville, Alabama; Kitzingen, Germany; Wichita Falls, Texas; Fort Rucker, Alabama; Phenix City, Alabama; and now we are living in the Midlands, South Carolina since August 2016.

I am a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece; but the titles I am most proud of are wife and mother. I married my middle school sweetheart in the year 2000 after dating for 7 years. My firstborn son, Gabriel Andres, was born in November 2001. My secondborn, Japheth, was born in July 2006. They have taught me grace. As a perfectionist (One on the Enneagram), I want everything to be done right, no faults, no mistakes. But they have taught me that there’s beauty in imperfection. Grace is the most beautiful gift I have received through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. So if I want to live a life that honors Him and His sacrifice, I must extend grace to others, especially to those closest to me.

Why this blog?

  • I love learning. But I do not like keeping things to myself. I like to tell others about everything I am learning or have learned. Actually, Jesus tells the disciples in Matthew 10:8, “Freely you have received; freely give.” God has given me gifts, talents, and abilities; not to keep them to myself, but to share them with everyone around me.
  • I love when other people learn.


¿Quién soy? Bueno, mi nombre es Damaris, pero como mi nombre es difícil de pronunciar en inglés -para la mayoría de las personas-, les pido que simplemente me llamen Dee. Especialmente cuando les doy mi nombre a los baristas de Starbucks.

Nací en Puerto Rico, pero dejé la isla en 2002 cuando mi esposo se unió al Ejército de Estados Unidos (US Army). Hemos vivido en Hunstville, Alabama; Kitzingen, Alemania; Wichita Falls, Texas; Fort Rucker, Alabama; Phenix City, Alabama; y ahora vivimos en Midlands, Carolina del Sur desde agosto de 2016.

Soy hija, hermana, tía, prima, sobrina; pero los títulos de los que estoy más orgullosa son el de esposa y madre. Me casé con mi novio de la escuela secundaria en el año 2000 después de un noviazgo de 7 años. Mi primogénito, Gabriel Andrés, nació en noviembre de 2001. Mi segundo hijo, Japheth -Jafet en español-, nació en julio de 2006. Me han enseñado la gracia.

Como perfeccionista (Uno en el Eneagrama), quiero que todo se haga bien, sin fallas, sin errores. Pero ellos me han enseñado que hay belleza en la imperfección. La gracia es el regalo más hermoso que he recibido a través del sacrificio de Jesús en la cruz. Entonces, si quiero vivir una vida que lo honre a Él y a Su sacrificio, debo extender la gracia a los demás, especialmente a los más cercanos a mí.

¿Por qué este blog?

  • Porque me encanta aprender. Pero no me gusta guardarme las cosas para mí solamente. Me gusta contarles a los demás todo lo que estoy aprendiendo o he aprendido. En realidad, Jesús les dijo a los discípulos en Mateo 10:8, “De gracia recibisteis, dad de gracia.” Dios me ha dado dones, talentos y habilidades; no para guardarlos para mí, sino para compartirlos con todos los que me rodean.
  • Porque me encanta cuando otras personas aprenden.

The Jobs I’ve Had

I am not the typical professional who wants to spend 30 years doing the same thing, in the same company, and with the same results. If that’s you, my hats off to you for being able to do that. I will always be improving myself and changing jobs, making a difference everywhere God plants me. With that being said, here’s the list of positions I’ve held up until now:

  • Cashier at the Class Six on Leighton Barracks, Wurzburg, Germany
  • Admin Assistant at the Child Development Center on Leighton Barracks
  • Youth Pastor in Lawton, Oklahoma
  • Admin Assistant at the Child Development Center on Fort Rucker, AL
  • Admin Assistant at the Family Child Care Program on Fort Rucker, AL
  • Spanish Teacher to homeschoolers wanting to learn and speak Spanish on Fort Rucker, AL
  • Admin Assistant at the Child, Youth, and School Services Registration Office on Fort Benning, GA
  • Admin Assistant at the Child, Youth, and School Services Admin Office on Fort Benning, GA
  • Admin Assistant at the Family Child Care Program on Fort Benning, GA
  • Bilingual Customer Service Specialist at Aflac Headquarters in Columbus, GA
  • Computer Operator (IT Division) at Aflac Headquarters in Columbus, GA
  • Bilingual Customer Advocate at BlueCross BlueShield in Columbia, SC
  • Connections Director in Columbia, SC
  • Future Chaplain in West Columbia, SC (waiting on background check 😬)

I listed all those positions to say you don’t have to stay in the same place. If you’re thinking about changing a job, do it! God closed the door for me to become a Special Agent in the FBI, and He can close other doors too! There are jobs I’ve applied for that I didn’t get. But the last two jobs on the list were offered to me. I was not looking for them, mainly because of the position titles. I would not have applied for them. But God provided these opportunities, which I call “divine opportunities.” He can do the same for you too! At the end of my days, I want to look back and say, “Look at that long list of positions I held and laugh, knowing I didn’t let anything or what people would think of me affect my decision to get a different job.” I’ve made a difference, and that’s all that matters; that at every workplace, I do my best and be a testimony of God’s mighty work on my life!